about ALM

I'm a girl who loves life.  I live everyday under the motto of "no matter what, keep a smile on your face and always forgive, but rarely forget." I've learned that there is a lesson to learn about life everyday and you should always take complete advantage of each day you're given because it is definitely not promised that you'll be here tomorrow.

I'm a girl who has had a blessed and charmed life, but who also has had major struggles and tests of character and strength.  Each hard time God has let enter my life has ultimately made me a better person; one who is smarter and more loving because of the trying times, but also more aware of the dangers of trusting everyone in a society.

I was born on November 14, 1989, and am a daughter of two loving parents, a sister to two amazing brothers, and one adoring little sister.  Outside of my household family I have many relatives who are all very close in my life.

I love animals and throughout my life I have had a number of cats, one original dog, countless fish, a bird, and uniquely, a squirrel.

My favorite pastime is photography. I worked part time as a photographer in my home town, Myrtle Beach, for many years until starting my own business, PALM Photography, in the summer of 2011. Since being at Clemson I have been hired by various groups and people for an assortment of jobs, keeping myself well practiced. I have also contributed my artistic talents through the positions of photographer on staff, photography editor's assistant and finally, photography editor of Clemson's Yearbook, TAPS.

To tell the rest of my story would take years, as many as I have lived. I am always looking forward to learning and experiencing new things in any area of my life.


about PALM

The name PALM came from a combination of wanting to include my name in the business name as well as symbolically representing my home state: South Carolina - the palmetto state. Photography by Anna Lauren Meeks (PALM) was actually a name that my brother came up with and I adored, so it stuck!

I began shooting my freshman year of college in 2008. I never really thought that I would become a professional photographer; I simply took oodles of pictures because I loved the memories! Then, I began getting requests for family shoots on the beach, and slowly people started offering to pay me for my work. With encouragement from my parents and my cousin, who used to own her own photography business at one point, I began coming up with marketing ideas and business plans for PALM! Ever since 2011, I have been part-time working with PALM, devoting every minute to it outside of my school, full-time job, family and church.