11 months on the field and now what?

For those who didn't follow my World Race blog (annalaurenmeeks.theworldrace.org), here's a brief explanation of what the title of this blog post means:

I just got home from an amazing, life-changing, trip around the world to 11 countries in 11 months where my team of 34 others and I partnered with churches, missionaries, and ministry organizations all over the world to spread the love and the news of Jesus! It was ... indescribable! 

So... what now? 

Well, I have exciting news!

I'm heading back out. 

Month 1 of the Race - January 2016 - I fell in love, not so much with a country, but with a people and an organization, a missionary, and a little boy named Fernando (Read more about it here: Fernando and Angie ) who all happen to be in the country of Mozambique, Africa. 

In March of this year, if all goes as planned, I will be heading back over to this ministry in Mozambique to work with Fernando and the rest of the Beacon of Hope (the ministry) boys, teaching them English. 

I. Can't. Wait. 

Make sure to stay tuned to this blog to keep up with how I prepare and what happens when I finally get there... and... if you'd like to send me any encouragement or just random sweet notes - I wouldn't hate it!

Email address: annalaurenmeeks@gmail.com 

For now... blessings and peace to you all. 


Anna Lauren